Love, Love, Love

Gone are the days of struggling to get my kid's wetsuits on. I can sit back and relax while they slide into their suit all by themselves thanks to the wetchute! Beach days are soooo much more enjoyable!

WetChutes replace the old plastic bag trick. WetChutes allow for easy on wetsuit and can be used every time you put on a wetsuit.

Brilliant Idea!

We used the old plastic bag trick for years but the wetchute is so much better. The parachute material is the perfect fabric for sliding into your wetsuit. And, I love that it comes with a carabiner so that I can attach it to my beach bag and always have it when I need it!

Never leave home without it

I love that the WetChute comes with a carabiner so that I can attach it to my beach bag. It's always there when I need it! The entire family has a WetChute attached to their backpack because it makes beach days that much better!

The WetChute Process

We give old parachutes a new life

Our belief in a low-impact lifestyle guides every decision we make -- from our recycled packaging to guaranteeing every wetchute is created from repurposed parachutes. Sustainability has always been second nature to us and has connected us to the wider like-minded community.

Better for the earth

Our goal is to reduce the use of single-use plastic by creating a bag that can be used a lifetime.

together, we can make a difference

Why Choose WetChute

Better for the earth

Our goal is to create a bag that can be used for years. Unlike most fabric, we choose parachute fabric because it is light and strong and is meant to last for years. Replace your plastic bag with a WetChute.


The wetchute is designed to be used every-time you put on your wetsuit. Parachutes are the perfect material for our bag because they are meant to withstand the elements of nature and slide easily through neoprene.


The Wetchute doubles as a tote bag for all your surfing essentials. So… after you have your wetsuit on, use the wetchute as a bag to hold your beach essentials like your wax and sunscreen.