How to Use

How To Use

The WetChute is designed for all you ocean worshipers whose adventures require you to wear a full wetsuit. No matter if you surf, boogie board, dive, swim or just want to walk around looking like a penguin, our bag is for you! Great for kids and adults, wet sandy feet, thick hard to put on wetsuits, wetsuits that haven’t dried off, and can be worn over booties. The WetChute bag helps the neoprene to slide easily over your skin. Getting your wetsuit on doesn’t have to be hard. And, the WetChute can be used as a tote to hold your beach essentials too! #getiton

1. Slip your dry or wet sandy foot into the WetChute

2. Insert the WetChute foot into the wetsuit.

3. Smile as your foot slides easily into your neoprene wetsuit

4. Remove the WetChute from the foot

5. Repeat process with other foot

6. Throw your beach essentials into the WetChute and get out there!  

7. Smile as you are the first one in the water.

You can find us on Instagram @wetchute