Our Story

Inspired by our passion for the environment and our love for surfing, the WetChute started as a 100% up-cycled bag made from repurposed parachutes designed to help you get into your wetsuit faster and easier. The wetchute bag helps the neoprene to slide easily over your skin. Today, our bags are also made from new parachute material. Our goal is to get you into the water faster and to take away the frustration of putting on your wetsuit. Simply put your foot into the wetchute and glide right into your wetsuit. Repeat with other foot and hands.

WetChute was born out of necessity by a couple of parents who were seeking a solution to an enduring problem. As surfers we knew that we wanted to teach our kids to surf but we quickly learned that getting your kids wetsuits on along with your own, was a struggle that took the fun out of surfing. We started using plastic bags to help put our wetsuits on easier, but we knew that we could do better and that is how the WetChute came to life.  We got a hold of old parachutes and designed the perfect bag to be used over your hands and feet to glide right into your wetsuit. We strive to reduce landfill waste by creating wetsuit bags from recycled parachutes whenever possible and eliminating the need for single use plastic bags. Parachute Fabric is the perfect material for our bag because they are meant to withstand the elements of nature and slide easily through neoprene.

The WetChute Story

The WetChute takes the frustration out of trying to get your wetsuit on