How to put on a wetsuit. The easiest way to put on a wetsuit.

Wetsuit Hack - How to put on a wetsuit

How to Wrestle Your Wetsuit On: A Comical Guide Alright, water warriors, if you've ever tried donning a wetsuit and felt like you were reenacting a scene from a slapstick comedy, you're not alone. Here's how to get into that stubborn piece of neoprene without looking like you're auditioning for a circus. 1. Pre-battle prep: You'll need .... Your wetsuit  A WetChute (because you don't have to suffer) A Changing Towel (if you don't want to espose yourself) 2. Know thy enemy: First, figure out which side is up. The zipper usually goes on the back, but if you want to try a...

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